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Charter a Catamaran in Dubrovnik

Bahia 46 - sailing catamaran in Dubrovnik

What is a Catamaran?

A catamaran is a type of boat consisting of two hulls joined by a frame. They can be sail or engine-powered, with two engines, one in each hull. In terms of leisure and sport sailing, catamarans are a fairly recent fashion. They are very popular with sailors because they are stable, spacious and safe. Charter catamarans are popular in Dubrovnik because they can be maneuvered easily and can anchor in very shallow waters. They are spacious which allows for more privacy. Their panoramic view from the cockpit is breathtaking. Catamarans are a great choice if you get sea sick - they are stable because they rarely heel - at 5 degrees at the most. When sailing a catamaran, you can walk, sit, eat, drink or just enjoy the sightseeing of Dubrovnik.

Sailing on Athena - your best catamaran experience

Choosing a Right Charter Catamaran in Dubrovnik

When choosing a right charter catamaran, you should first take into consideration the number of persons sailing with you. Another thing you should think of is the sailing performance - catamarans do not rock about in the water, and there is no fear of getting seasick.

Your budget is another thing to consider when choosing a suitable catamaran. The price of chartering a catamaran will depend upon which extra amenities and activities you wish for since they add to your overall costs. Do not forget the provisioning. You should also include food in your sailing cost. If you charter a crewed catamaran, do not forget that you need to pay for each member of the crew and you should provide for their meals.


Catamaran charter for an unforgettable sailing vacation

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