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Motor Yacht Charter Dubrovnik

Luxury motor yacht charter in Dubrovnik

Top Charter Motor Yacht Brands in Dubrovnik Area

The most popular motor yacht charter brands in Dubrovnik area are:

Sunseeker - luxury motor yachts from LOA 37'-100+'. Some of the most popular lines include The Snapper, Sunseeker Yachts, Manhattan, Predator and Portofino.

Benetti - classy and elegant yachts, ranging from LOA 100'-229'.

Azimut - motorboats ranging from 39'-100+'. The most popular lines include Flybridge, Sportiness, Magellano and Azimut Grande.

Pershing - luxury motor yachts known for their superior performance, evolving style, top quality materials and interiors.

Fairline - range from LOA 34'-80' - Targa and Squadron lines.


A motor yacht for charter

Charter a Motor Yacht or a Sailing Yacht?

Compared to sailing yachts, motor yachts have more space, larger cabins that provide more luxury and comfort, as well as useable deck space. They normally have a stylishly decorated interior, great entertainment and water sports amenities, featuring sophisticated technological navigational and communications systems. They are great for those with little sailing experience because it is easier to operate a motor yacht than a sailing yacht - they do not heel over while underway and usually have stabilizers to help steady the yacht. Their shallow draft allows you to approach some areas around Dubrovnik that sailing yachts cannot reach. Finally, motor yachts can arrive at their next destination quicker.



A wide choice of motor yachts for the best sailing vacation

Motor yachts are great for charter vacations, as you get to visit more on your trip due to their speed. If you are interested in motor yacht charters, explore out other pages on the subject; we would like to recommend that you visit Powerboats Charter to make yourself familiar with our selection of available motor yachts, their types and sizes as well as the best spots to charter a motor yacht. Another page offering specialized information on motor yacht brands is Azimut Yacht Selection. Here you can read more about the different lines of Azimut motor yachts and also get some advice on spending your days aboard an Azimut yacht. Last, but not least, Fairline Yacht Selection awaits you. It provides information on the most important Fairline features, along with other useful advice.