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Sail Safely on Your Perfect Charter Sailing Yacht in Dubrovnik Area

Sailing yachts and children

Can Children Sail?

Sailing can be a great opportunity for children to learn something about life on sea, nature and possibly other countries. However, they get easily bored and need something for entertainment, including stopping on a beach to run around and play, snorkle or fish. Also, children are curious and will probably want to explore the boat  - teach them something about sailing. Show them the charts and instruments, explain the types of sails, teach them about wind, make them participate in anchoring... Safety rules must be strictly followed, especially when younger children are involved. All children must wear a life jacket when on deck and if the weather gets rough, children must go below. For extra safety, a harness is a good idea, but parent supervision is best.


Sailing safely on a sailing yacht

Safety on a Charter Sailing Yacht

Safety on a sailing boat includes a range of activities and equipment. First, you need to know Right-of-Way (ROW) Rules to avoid collisions with other boats. There should be enough life vests for everyone in the crew; fire extinguishers; horn, whistle or bell; flares; radar reflector, and all the necessary documentation.

Do not panic in case of emergency. Make sure you and your crew wear a personal flotation device and children should wear them all the time. Using a safety harness in rough weather or when sailing solo is smart. Also, it is useful to sail with the VHF radio turned on to monitor for distress calls. You should also beware of sunburns, sun strokes, and hypothermia if someone falls overboard.


Charter Sailing Yachts - Models and Brands

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