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What to visit when sailing in Ston Area?

Saltern Ston

Saltern Ston is located on the peninsula of Pelješac, in the town of Ston. It is the oldest and largest saltern in Europe and possibly in the world. The saltern dates back from the 14th century. The salt was, and still is, very valuable for the economy of Ston. Every year, between the months of July and September the local residents and other volunteers collect the salt. They use the same technique that has been used since the days of the Republic of Ragusa. They collect between 30 and 100 t daily. The saltern Ston is an interesting tourist attraction and is open for visitors. All who are sailing in Ston region are recommended to stop and take some time to enjoy an old relic from history like saltern Ston.

Prapratno Bay

  Three kilometers west of the ancient town of Ston, on the peninsula of Pelješac, you can find Prapratno Bay. Known for its warm and crystal clear waters, the bay is surrounded by pine and olive trees. The bay has a campsite during the summer that attracts travelers and tourists. Near the beach there is an auto camp and a nudist beach. There is also a rocky beach with absolutely amazing sea water, combination of all shades of blue and turqouise. You can explore the peninsula either by hiking inland, taking a peaceful boat ride along the Ston Channel or surf along the narrow channels. Recently the bay became an important connection point for ferry from Prapratno to the island of Mljet.